Parking DogŪ is a patented article 


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Parking DogŪ can be placed in business centers, supermarkets, service areas, camping, beaches and hotels; it gives people the possibility to access the structures without having to leave the animals unattended, for instance inside a closed car, contravening the town rules and the laws on the animal comfort and safety that forbid such an habit, especially in some periods of the year.

This structure is a prefabricated building of low environmental impact, and lifted from the ground to allow a better cleaning.

Stalls for animals

Every Parking DogŪ occupies the same area of three cars’ parking lot, and it is composed of five stalls. It is built mainly with prefabricated insulated panels dressed with pre-painted galvanized sheets and enclosures in hot-galvanized corrugated iron.

The stall is well defended against the atmospheric agents, and is equipped with enough heat insulation and its openings favour such a good ventilation as to guarantee a healthy dampless environment both for the employees and the animals.

Parking Dog Uses